Moonbot Studios
Covered walkway

Process of a rendering before Photoshop

Interface Flor

These are the carpet tile colors picked for the studio floor. The color inspiration is derived from the scenes shown.t


Two renderings without outlines or photoshop lighting and artwork. 

entrance to theatre

entrance to studio


Floor Plans

First Floor. Includes: Theatre, Library/Gift Shop, Gallery Space, Lounge, Concession Stand, Classrooms, Restrooms, Digital Creative Room leading to fire tower. 

Second Floor Studio Space. Includes: Reception, Conferecne, Artist Desks, Animators’ Desk, Lounge, Library, Kitchen, Accounting Offices, Restrooms, Theatre, Story Room, Executive Offices. 

Studio Reception Sketches

Working sketches of reception area to figure out wooden wall logo millwork as well as custom reception desk. Logo wall is made from a light colored wood(to be determined) with a modest stain. Reception desk high top is made from a dark stained hardwood with steel support and a light wood for the single desk piece. 

System 355

The shelving system 355 is brilliantly simple and offered in four different finishes and colours. With its drawers, doors and a CD-cross it is suitable for any kind of furnishing situation. The ingenious assembling of the boards causes an immense variety of possibilities in creating your own shelf. All accessories have the same high quality finish on the back as on the front side. This is important for shelves set up as room partitions.

More Furniture Ideas

All furniture from 

Hertel & Klarhoefer 2O12 Ally Modular Seating

I have found the perfect modular furniture for Moonbot Studio’s seating in the studio theatre. Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer 2012 Ally collection. “ Ally is an easy-chair/section sofa where the chairs can be used individually or linked together as a sofa. Moulded polyurethane foam. Inner frame of styrofoam and wood. Frame in Stainless steel. Built in magnetic linking.” Come in a deep grey/black with siding in red, orange, and olive yellow. 

Concept/Space Planning